New Art Work

Whimsical moment for Winnie the Pooh. Pentel Tradio pen. Crayola color pencils. This was fun to do and entirely out of my imagination. Did check some images for colors.
Long nose butterfly fish. Also called forceps fish.
Chipmunk and peanuts.
Blue Poison Dart Frog. South America. Southern Suriname and Northern Brazil.
my brother and his dog. Pencil.
Peregrine Falcon. Falco peregrinus. From a photo I took in 1980s and several sketches.
More Pooh and whimsy.
Fossa. Crypto proctor ferox. Cat-like carnivore native to Madagascar. 12 to 19 pounds. 28 to 31 inches long. Resource photo National Geographic.
Red Fox. Vulpes vulpes. Crayola color pencils, pentel Tradio pens
Germany. Brandenburg Gate. Berlin. Pentel pens. Trudio brush pens colored pencil.
More Pooh and whimsy.

Ines Vilpi style colors .jpgspring.jpg



Forever home for a pet. This prompt was not a positive one for me. I have buried too many of our older cats this past year. From movie poster. Gel pen. Color pencils.
In style of Anton Pieck. Gel pen. Color pencils. Sketched in pocket sketchbook.
Yin Yang
Yin Yang. Idea from Google search. Gel pen
A galaxy far far away. May the Schwartz be with you. Space balls movie 1987. Gel pen and color pencils.
Setting: Pirates of the Sky. Gel pen. Color pencils. Not a written story. Just a response to the prompt for Jan. 15. Way outside my comfort zone.

This is new art work.

Cat’s eye. Tombow calligraphy pen and Tombow ABT.
Yoga position. Tombow calligraphy pen and color pencils. Yogi Bear. Based on image from Google search.
Horse reflection
Horse reflection

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